Norwood Piano Studio  Private Piano Lessons

About the Studio

The Norwood Piano Studio offers year-round private piano lessons and music theory instruction in Charlotte, NC, as well as summer theory/music history/composition sessions for students of all ages. The studio features three grand pianos, seating for small audiences and a waiting area for parents. A grand piano action model, a midi keyboard and a computer with music theory and notation software round out the studio.

There is an annual spring recital for all students who would like to perform. Many students also share their music with the community through performances at retirement and assisted living facilities, hospitals, etc. There are additional recital opportunities throughout the year for advanced students. Students may also participate in competitions and evaluations including Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum, NC Music Teachers Association, Federation Festival, ABRSM, RCM, and National Guild of Piano Teachers.

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Did You Know?
Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school.  Physician and biologist Lewis Thomas studied the undergraduate majors of medical school applicants.  He found that 66 percent of music majors who applied to med school were admitted, the highest percentage of any group.  For comparison, 44 percent of biochemistry majors were admitted.  Also, a study of 7,500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading scores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry and math.

Sources:  "The Comparative Academic Abilities of Students in Education and in Other Areas of a Multi-focus University," Peter H. Wood, ERIC Document No. ED327480 and "The Case for Music in the Schools," Phi Delta Kappan, February, 1994.