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Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum  

Solo Auditions and Theory Test


DATE: Saturday, March 12, 2022
PLACE: Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Finals: Sunday, March 13, 2022  
Place: Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

* Primary (grades K through 3)

* Elementary (grades K through 5)

* Intermediate (grades K through 7)

* Junior (grades K through 9)

* Senior (grades K through 11)

* Graduating Senior (grade 12 only)

A student who has won 1st place in the Primary, Elementary, Intermediate or Junior Division shall not be permitted to participate in the same division again, but shall advance to the next Division.

A student who has previously won 1st place in the Senior Division shall not compete for a monetary award. He/She may participate in Senior Division for a rating and a Certificate of Merit. If the student has scored within the top 3 scores in the studio, he/she will receive the Certificate of Merit and will be eligible to perform in the Honors Recital.

REPERTOIRE REQUIREMENTS: Students must perform from memory three compositions from the required list (one piece from each of three musical eras).

JUDGES: There will be one or two judges in the room.

* Superior - awarded to students who play with exceptional attention to detail, using imagination.

* Excellent - awarded for accuracy and observation of details of the score.

* Very Good - average performance

* Good - lacking in some way

THEORY TEST: All entrants are required to take a theory test, either before or after they perform for the judge(s). The entrants must take the test in the same division in which they played. Students playing late in the day should take the Theory Test before they play.

FINALS: Students who have won top scores in their studio on Saturday are eligible to compete in a finals competition the following day. Theory test scores are used to break ties in playing scores.

AWARDS: The Forum recognizes the three top winners of each division in the Auditions by awarding monetary prizes to those entrants at the May Honors Recital. At the discretion of the judges all available prizes may not be awarded. Winners must perform in the honors recital in order to receive monetary awards. Monetary awards range from $25-$250, depending on Division and 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

HONORS RECITAL: The three Forum Auditions winners in each of the six divisions shall be eligible to perform in the CPTF Honors Recital in May 2022, date and place TBD.

It is an honor to be asked to perform in the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum Auditions. It is difficult and challenging for a student to obtain a high score on the Theory Test and to be awarded the Superior rating in performance on the same day. A student who receives a Superior rating is considered very talented. The comments received from the judges are valued as the student develops his/her musical growth.

Summary of Rules for CPTF Auditions

Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum encourages and welcomes all qualified student applicants to participate in the auditions. Each student applicant, parent or guardian and teacher acknowledges and agrees to abide by all Rules of the auditions listed below and in the CPTF yearbook and newsletter.

1. Auditions shall be closed to all except the performer, judges and monitors. 
2. There shall be one judge in each audition room/studio where the winner shall be decided in a final. There shall be two judges for all auditions where the winner is to be decided without a final. 
3. In divisions with two studios, the top three students from each studio shall compete in a previously announced final. In divisions with three or more studios, the top two students from each studio shall compete in the finals. The finals shall be open to the public. 
4. Any student, to compete in the finals, shall have made a grade of 80 percent or higher on the appropriate division Theory Test. 
5. All awards shall be presented to the winners at the Honors Recital in May. Each winner shall perform on the Honors Recital in order to receive the award unless prevented by extreme circumstances, such as illness or death in the family.  The validity of those circumstances shall be determined by an executives committee composed of the Auditions Chair, the Forum President and the most recent available past Auditions Chair. 
6. The Charlotte Piano Teachers forum reserves the right to withhold an award if no candidate shall be found deserving. 
7. The decision of the adjudicators is final.
8. Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum reserves the right to withdraw any student from the auditions at any time with or without cause.
9. Teachers, coaches, entrants, parents and guardians shall not interact in any way with the adjudicators or auditions personnel regarding the outcome of the auditions before, during or after the auditions. 
10. Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum will exercise all reasonable caution to provide a safe environment for all entrants but cannot guarantee the safety of all entrants. 
11. It is the responsibility of the teacher, coach, entrant or guardian to abide by all rules and regulations for the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum Auditions. Failure to meet this responsibility will result in disqualification of the entrant.